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Google is not Great: The Second Sign

Posted by Tim Miller on Sunday, March 21, 2010, In : Google is not Great 
This second entry in my "Google is not Great" blog thread discusses what might become of the sleeping Internet giant.  Google is everywhere, and it knows everything on the Internet.  It tracks your interests and bombards you with obnoxious Flash ads.  It stores data about you, limits what you see based on that data, and sells the information to other companies and, possibly, rogue government entities. 

Google is not a good Internet God.  In fact, it may be something far more devious and destr...
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Google is not Great: The First Sign

Posted by Tim Miller on Thursday, March 18, 2010, In : Google is not Great 
I know you won't be able to Google this blog very well.  The words herein defame a company that many people taut as the best thing on the Web.  Google started as a search engine, but now it gives users apps, widgets, email, programs, and business tools--all supposedly for free.  This blog has neither the gobs of money, nor the unashamed promotion Google requires to direct users' attention to a particular web page.

Google is trying to become the Internet itself.  The first sign of its coup on o...
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